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We are one of leading company in Qatar known for all oil & gas products mining. We makes long-term investments goal in global companies in different sectors, mainly in oil & gas producing one's. We provide cost-effective industrial solutions.



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Magnus has completed hundreds of industrial projects in all industrial sectors. With a long list of products and never ending customer support we are able to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our clients. We offer the cleanest line of services with latest technology, equipment. We offer the best line of services with latest technology, equipment line of services with latest few can match for our promise to safety and commitment to your product development.

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Industrial Services

Magnus has 10+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below. A Company involved in servicing, maintenance and sales of all products related to oil and gas industry...


We provide all-encompassing procurement services for onshore projects.


We’re primed to be your procurement partner in offshore projects.

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Since 2010 Magnus manufacturing services have supplied everything needed for refineries.

Mechanical Engineering

Magnus will provide to different industry with a full suite of mechanical engineering services and solutions.

Oil & Gas Engineering

We have strength and experience in this services which allowed in successfully delivering projects to number of clients.


We are providing instrumentation embedded technology with innovation and digital capabilities to transform industrial functions.

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What Our Clients Say

Amongst items to be disposed were surplus cables. Due to local requirements and project specifications, we predicted difficulty in generating buyer interest in the cables resulting in potentially a low investment recovery rate. The client uploaded verified certifications, drawings and photos to the platform which built buyer confidence. All cables were sold.

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